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R44 Time Building $300/hr

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Are you a private owner, who are we? The price seems somewhat high compared to the local flight schools??


Really? You think $350/hr wet with an instructor in an R44 is high? If that is true, I'm moving to Seattle. An R44 in Wisconsin is $480/hr wet with an instructor and I thought that was significantly below the national average. :-)

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This is most likely where I work, Helicopters Northwest. The other school in the area has theirs for over $400/hr in 10-hour blocks. We started the $350/hr rate with a ship that was about to time out, and have now replaced it with a new Raven I. If it goes out on a lease, we'll probably end up with a Raven II going for over $400/hr.

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O yea, you guys must be the one in Seattle with the yellow R44 flying around? O wait, maybe that's Classic Helicopter, I get confused confused by looking at the little yellow helicopter hanging on Helicopter NW's building? Anyway, for those of you who want real and exciting R44 time, check out Dennis at Heliquest in Caldwell, Idaho!! He usually runs between $150-$250 hr depending on the usage.

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I wanna get your heli solo, can you leave a ohone number or an email where I can contaact you?


Call Helicopters Northwest (206) 767-0508 to double-check that this is our ship and inquire about soloing. 7 days a week, 9am-5pm is a good time to call. Good luck. I'm not personally sure about our solo policy on that particular ship, as I work out of a satellite branch.

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