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27,000 hr pilot

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My partner and instructor just retired from 40 years of flying in LE aviation. MD500, 520N and 300C experience. He just retired to the Boise area and is looking for part time work in that area. He has a couple thousand hours NVG, CFI, STABO, HEC and worked for a major power line company for a couple years and several thousand hours of significant mountain experience up to 12,000ft in the Sierra. SAR, Swift Water Rescue using a helicopter, long line VR. He isnt very Google savy but the man is one of those pilots who becomes a part of the helicopter. i probably have 1500hrs just as his co-pilot/ observer. if anyone had any leads I could pass onto him I would appreciate it.

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No idea if they are hiring, but Firehawk Helicopters operates out of the Boise Airport. There are two EMS operators in the city for the local hospitals. Life Flight Network and Air St Lukes. I'd have your friend keep an eye on those.




http://www.stlukesonline.org/specialties_and_services/ASL/ (This is the organization, and since it is part of the hospital the job postings will probably show up through the HR section. I think you have to register to even browse the listings.)

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