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Corporate Bell 407


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My operation is looking to upgrade from a Eurocopter EC-120B and a Bell 407 is at the top of the list. I have no experience or negative perception of Bell products, but I want to be as informed as possible and avoid any pitfalls.


Power is not a big issue because we are rarely high, hot and heavy. The main reason for the upgrade is a want for higher speed and the ability to carry more passengers when needed. Although we have been happy with Eurocopter, the primary complaint has been downtime waiting for parts.


Positive / negative comments regarding the 407 for a corporate mission? Anything to look for or avoid when shopping used? How is the maintenance and availbilty of parts?

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Besides power and speed, one of the best qualities of the 407 is; it’s a really smooth flying machine. Additionally, all of the seats, except one, are window seats. Yes, 2 face backwards and could be considered a tight fit but, when done right, no one will care. At least, none of the exec’s I flew ever complained. Plus, the doors are easy to operate which can be a big deal when “hot” loading. Manufactured to operate like a car door, any suit can figure it out without the risk of damage or "questionable" closing. And, its interior is fairly quiet inflight...


Over the years, Bells customer support has been top notch. While it’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Bell, I’m pretty sure their still better than the rest....


Of the light singles I’ve operated (pretty much all of them), the 407 is #1 on my list.


Lastly, if you purchase and need a completion vendor, I can point you to the best in the business…

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