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First Duty Station - What locations are available?

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Just starting my WOFT packet and I was wondering what's the best way to find which air frame is stationed where? And what are the odds of the rookie going to those bases?


As a prior service C-5 Loadmaster the choice was easy. Delaware or California. So without getting to far ahead of myself I was going to discuss "possible" locations around the globe with the family.


From what I can see it appears Korea & Germany are possible to get.


Thanks for the help, I know this is a long journey and I'll have many more questions.

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The list is long depending on airframe and what is available at the time of selection.


Hawks go the most places. Everywhere in the US, plus Germany, Japan, Sinai, and Korea


Kiowas do not go overseas anymore, but you can go to Alaska or Hawaii


The big posts are:

Hood, Campbell, Bragg, Riley, Bliss, Lewis, Carson, HAAF, Drum plus Wheeler and Alaska. Most aircraft go to most of there places.


In other words, it's not simple. Haha

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