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Flying in Puerto Rico


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Has anyone flown there? It looks like there's Vertical Solutions which uses r22/r44's for training and tours, and Caribbean Heli-Jet which does all kinds of random stuff with an astar b2, and bell 407 and 427. I'm more interested in Caribbean Heli-Jet but would like info on both. Good companies? Pay halfway decent? Mx ok? Preferred hiring mins? etc? What's the story down there?

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One of my friends and first IPs took a job down there. Not sure what company he worked for, but he was doing VIP and corporate type stuff. He got the job after about a 1,000 hours teaching in Robinsons. He was flying Robbies down in the Carribean, too.


He had a good time down there. Beautiful flying. I don't think the pay was amazing, but it was better than instructing. After that he moved on to the GoM and then to a bigger tour company flying turbines. Seemed like the career path worked great for him.

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