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Personal Passengers During Business and Vacation Time


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I'm just curious about these two things:


Probably a dumb question, but in your current position or from what you've seen; are you permitted to bring a personal passenger on board say if you were flying ENG? Or in the gulf? (assuming you knew your weights and schedule for the day). I would imagine the insurance and operators would probably sh*t their pants at the suggestion of this, but just thought I'd ask.


Secondly, with the typical 7x7 schedules of EMS and the gulf, are you granted any vacation time along with that? Perhaps its being too greedy, but if you wanted visit another country for say 10 days or more, is this something that's doable? Maybe trading schedules?


Hopefully too many heads don't spin by these questions :lol:

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Most EMS and Gulf jobs accrue vacation.

My present EMS employer would, at one time, allow family members to ride or you could give them brief helicopter rides. I think we're still allowed to carry passengers on ferry flights with management approval.

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Vacation is common. The great thing about 7/7 is that you can build up vacation, take a hitch off, and in reality have 21 days off - two off weeks and one week of vacation. Some GOM operators used to allow giving short family rides, but most, if not all, have stopped that because of perceived liability issues. IMO, the real issue is short-term profit, and the 10 minute rides cut down on a few hundred dollars of profit. Giving rides in EMS is problematic at best, but not necessarily completely taboo. It depends. I have no knowledge of ENG at all.

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I have given a ride to family members when I had an open seat on a Grand Canyon tour or other similar flight. I have also given rides during ferry flights in EMS. In short, not normally a problem provided revenue is not lost.


I fly EMS on a 7/7 schedule and based on time with the company I can get up to 4 weeks paid time off. Not bad huh.

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