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Flight sims in base

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Why not include one? I don't mean a high cost full motion model, but something relatively inexpensive (20,000-30,000) that would allow pilots to practice their IFR skills while they're waiting for a call.


I use FSX for IFR practice, and it absolutely helps to stay up on procedures and keeping your scan going. It also allows you to put yourself in scenarios you might not attempt in real life. For example: I tried a VOR approach to minimums (500 AGL, 1 mile) where you come in almost perpendicular to the runway, at night, in snow. Even though it wasn't the real thing, it was still a good learning experience and it got me thinking.

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What about talking bosses into setting up something like what's in the following thread?




This thread is the one I was referring to when I made that one.

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