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Anyone attended CCBC?


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Anyone currently attending or has attended the 2 year degree pilot program over at Community College of Baltimore County? If so I was wondering if ya can give me some feedback on their program.


I came across this during my search for schools that work with the GI Bill since my EAS will be popping at the end of the year and I found this one. Its one of the very few degree programs I have found around the northeast in my search.


They only offer 0-Comm ratings but I was still curious if there is anyone out there whose been to the school before.


Also, anyone out there who can give me some feedback on how much of a pain it is to transfer schools? Say for example I decided to go with CCBC and I maxed out with them, how much trouble is it to transfer to another school to finish up something like CFI and CFII?


Thanks as always,


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