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SIFT done, now how to proceed?

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Hey guys I have run into an interesting time conflict.


I was preparing my flight packet last year and rand into the roadblock of needing eye surgery. It took a while to get that approved and done. I have the surgery done now and my vision is within the range (used to be -2.25, now its -0.75)


I have to re-class because my current MOS is being deleted and I can't reenlist as it. I was planning (before the eye surgery thing) to have my packet in and know yea or nay on being selected before I had to do AIT.


I scheduled the SIFT because I had time to and took it this morning. I got an 80... I had to call the examiner over to make sure I understood it right, but she looked it up in her system, and apparently I maxed out the test.(I also maxed out the ASVAB, from what they told me 138 GT, and the other scores were 150's range)


So my dilemma now is I leave for AIT 5 August, and its almost a year long.


If i put my packet in for the September board I wouldn't know till October if I was picked and it would be 4-6 months? until I would go to rucker. The problem with waiting till after AIT is I just turned 32 (this Sunday) so I would be right at or past my 33rd birthday before I got done with AIT and from what I was told the age waiver is very hard to get.


My only known weak spot is in my PT, I am not a 270-300 PT stud, im around 230. But my intelligence is my strength, you can always get stronger.


Technically I could request to pull my AIT seat and chance being picked up, but If I wasn't I would be up a creek.


how do you think I should proceed?




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