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Several companies make training software for the G1000 if you want to pay for it, although it's not expensive. You can download the G500 sim from Garmin for free. Don't worry about the "H" designation, it just includes more low level obstructions.


There is also an ipad app for the G1000.

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Find a school with a G1000 in a 172, there is 109 different function keys on the G1000 and the manual for the box is as big as the Aim and the short cut book is long enough to be a novel. You want to get some training on it, you can get lost in the thing. I know first hand, I took a job that had them in the aircraft and they knew I had zip training and time with the box and I got training- 20 min flying and now take this to Europe. Garmin will tell you that its at least an 8 hour ground training and 5 to 10 hours of flight just to be some what comfortable and able with it in VFR flight. They told me it takes a good 50 hours of flight time experience to get it really down maybe a bit more. It would be cheaper than trying to struggle with it in a helicopter. Even then its going to be a learning curve.

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Or you could go to the Garmin website and buy the Bell 407 g1000H trainer for like $25, download the syllabus and push buttons just like you're in the cockpit.


Also, flygarmin.com has. vFR and IFR training course available online.

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