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PRK Pre assesment tomorrow what should I ask?

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I been reading all the information found in here since a few months ago and Recently started working on my WOFT packet. (mostly on getting treatmeant for medical conditions, getting fit, gathering medical records from childhood etc...)
Tomorrow I have schedule my first Eye Surgery assesment on one of the three clinics in Puerto Rico.

I wanted to know what questions you guys recommend to ask my Eye Doc.

I have the following resources:

  • Figure it ask him to verify if i can meet the post op standards linked here
  • I also found this link even thought it says LASIK most of the questions should in theory apply for PRK.(success rate,complications rate etc.)

Apart from the question of will I be able to fit the Army standards on visual fitness after the surgery.
Is there anything else I should be aware off?


Thank you all this is a great forum for Future Military Helicopter pilots BTW!


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Wanted to update on my visit.

Went to the clinic filled out some form got some test told the doctor that I was interested in applying for aviation and i handed him the medical requirements and if i was going to be able to comply with the standards after the surgery.

He noticed that I have a bit higher risk of developing haze complication but that people with far higher risk than me didn't develop it and i was inside the threshold parameters.

Additionally and I read the same online that the laser wavelength on modern lasers reduces the risk of post op hazo (halo etc.)

He did notice that the military requested some extra test like ocular pressure and did them right there and they turned out ok.

He additionally told me that his son got PRK on the army and they didn't do any post op care or followup and that on followup they can correct some small issues if found during a reasonable time frame (not 3 years later)..

I am still going to compare with another eye surgery center but Ill probably go with them once I am sure that I fit AR 40-501 Need to get checkup on other medical conditions. to make sure they don't disqualify me.


Hope this is helpful for anyone.

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