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(U.S. Navy AWR2)

I am a Naval Aircrewman in the MH-60R. I perform the role of a sensor operator, aviation rescue swimmer, crew chief, and aerial door gunner among other jobs. I have had the opportunity to fly in the cockpit of a MH-60R during a NHA conference I attended, and the thrill of being on the controls outweighed the thrill of hanging outside the door.


I am currently deployed and have very limited internet capabilities. I am trying to complete as many things as I can for my packet while deployed. Hopefully I will be able to submit my packet as soon as possible when I return.




1.) After reading the checklists on the USAREC website, I was under the impression that only an Army flight physical would work. Reading the forums here, I see that a few people went to Naval Air Stations to have their flight physical completed. My question is, does a Naval Flight Physical substitute for the Army one? Being in aviation, I have completed one annually for the last five years so this would make for an easy check in the box.


2.) For the LoR's, "You require one from your first level of UCMJ (Company Commander), one from your Field Grade UCMJ authority (Battalion Commander) and one from a senior warrant officer (SWO) in your chosen career specialty." I have been trying to find out the Navy equivalent for Company Commander and Field Grade UCMJ authority. I was hoping someone here would know the answer. My educated guess was Company = Division Officer or Department Head and that Field Grade UCMJ authority = Commanding officer.



I am sure I have more questions, but I am not at my computer to read the notes. Nor was I expecting the opportunity to post on these forums tonight. Thank you for reading over this post.


Very Respectfully,


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The Army Flight Physical is very similar to the Navy/Marine Corps Long Form. In fact, the Navy and Army use the same system to complete physicals (Aero). When I completed mine, they were able to see my flight physical history (I was a CH-46 crewchief for 14 years prior to selection) You can have it completed at a Naval Facility. However, you need to have the flight surgeon contact Ft. Rucker Medical in order to incorporate the Army requirements (anthro measurements).


As far as LOR's go, your Division Officer and CO would work. I used my OIC, Maint Officer and CO (Marine HMM structure) to hit those wickets. Good luck and PM me if you have anything else I can help out with.


Semper Fi.

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