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Mi8 Endorsement/Career Path


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G'day guy's

I am currently overseas on deployment with the Australian Military and on my return to Australia will look at finishing the rest of my CPL. I have looked into joining the different aviation branches of the military to fly however due to the lack of the Australian Governments political will to deploy our pilots and the War finishing here i have decided against this option.

Due to this i am looking once i finish my CPL start to lining myself up with getting a mi8 endorsement in the future as i can see this taking myself to some 'interesting' countries to work and some interesting jobs.(obviously each to their own)

There are quite a few flying around KAF here but i don't have the connections yet to talk to any of the pilots.

My question is has anybody gone done this path in flying mi's for a job especially from countries that don't typically use them and had experience getting endorsed on these type's etc...?



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Most of the companies that do what you might consider "interesting" work with Mi8s are going to want prior military or equivalent flying experience.


There are some contract pax/cargo jobs in odd places that use Mi8s. Some of them are openly advertised. Most are going to want a fair amount of hours, too, though.

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