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National registration


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It can be. You will have to have a CofA (Certificate of Airworthiness) inspection done of a DAR (Designate Airworthiness Representative) Since the machine is from Canada, it shouldn't be too difficult. But a IA will have to also do an annual inspection.


To make the change over as painless as possible, it will not be completely painless I assure you, make sure the logbooks are in english, if not have the non-english pages translated into english. Ensure that all components that have been repair or overhauled have FAA acceptable documentation or have been done by a certified shop. There are some reciprocity between the US and Canada so have that lined up for the DAR.


Good luck

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I had a feeling that it wouldn't be easy. I bought a VW here in Georgia that was still registered in Florida. The title was missing one character in the 17 digit VIN code, so the GA DOT refused to register it until the Florida title was accurate. Took me four months and countless calls to Tallahassee to get it fixed. Probably irrelevant - but the scar tissue is still there.

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