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Air Force Officer Applying through WOFT

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Hi Everyone,


I'm a 2dLt Maintenance Officer in the Air Force and am putting together an application for WOFT. I've done quite a bit of research and know that I must submit paperwork agreeing that I'll resign my commission if I am accepted. But I'm curious, is anyone else here a prior commissioned officer that wasn't Army? Or know anything about people who were? Did they go through BCT or WOCS before flight training?


I've heard of quite a few Army officers doing this, but not a whole lot of sister service officers. With so many parts of the application I'm running in to people that don't know what to do with me. My recruiter says it's happened before though, so that's encouraging.


I'd appreciate any advice or information y'all can offer. Thanks in advance!

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We had a couple of E-5/6 from the AF that just graduated from WOCS for aviation as well as to be WO in the fields. They went through BCT, only one didn't because he was Security Forces. And they were E-5s going through BCT, basically just checking boxes.


Not 100% your situation, but I hope it helps.

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