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Tour / Ride Pilot R44 Houston


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I've done this once before.


I have a few weekends where I'll be busier than I can handle on my own.


Last time I gave away the flight time away free, this time I'll be paying $10-$20 per flight hour depending on experience.


The job: 4-8 minute rides in R44 Raven II for hours on end.


The Locations: Houston, TX or nearby


Dates: April 11th & 12th, April 25th & 26th, May 2nd & 3rd


The Pilot: Someone who fits in. The whole crew is basically family. There's a difference between being safe and being scared. The job is not hard, but to make money the timing has to be impeccable. If I'm shooting for a four minute ride, skids lift to touch down is within 5 or 10 seconds of 4 minute mark. There's more to it - but I'll explain that to whoever I think we are going to bring in for those dates.


More importantly than just the weirdly formatted resumes I get sometimes, I need to know a few things when you email me in starlight text format.


Total Time in Helicopters

Total Time in R44

Robinson Safety Course Date

Flight School

Last Checkride & Date

Last Flight Instructor Name & Phone #


My name is Thaddeus and I'm the owner of National Helicopter Solutions and www.HeliHogHunt.com.


Email me at Thaddeus@HeliHogHunt.com


Regulations require drug screening and background check. I also can not and will not lodge anybody. You may bring a tent if you'd like. Lol.

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