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Question for pilots about back pain


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I fly a Bell 407. My girl. I answered 'no' and 99% of the time, that's the truth. :wub:

Now, here's an oddball feature. I always use the provided lumbar support pillow. Never a problem. I never take it out of my regular bird. Take it for granted.

Then, once in a blue moon, there I am, flying along, and all of a sudden I'm thinking:

"Sum-of-an-unmarried-LADY...!" "My BACK...!!" "Hurts....!!"

Invariably, upon investigation, it turns out that the bird was flown previous day by a spare pilot, somebody filling in, and they REMOVED the lumbar support pillow. And left it out. Sometimes I've had to go and hunt high and low for it. Lying in the crew room, for Goodness' sake.

Re-insert. Happiness. Uh-huh. (no blue-rated comments, please...) (waiting for Aeroscout...)


So I wonder if I'm unusual in that regard, or not. My spine goes from 100% :) :) (even after 5 to 7 hours in a day) to :wacko: :wacko: within an hour of flying WITHOUT lumbar support.


I've met pilotswho have to sit on a blow-up pillow. Always looks like a kiddy potty training aid to me. But they are happy, and won't fly without potty.


Seems that you just have to figure out what demands your spine and butt places upon you, figure out the solution, and stick to the formula. Like a baby.


Reminds me of a story. I don't know why. My diseased mind, probably.


Fly safe, have fun.


Up to your a.... in alligators



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