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R44 ferry flights April

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Three flights available:

KFMY to Milwaukee - asap. 12 hrs.

Milwaukee to Vegas - second week of April - 20hrs

Vegas to Milwaukee - last week of April - 20 hrs

Raven 2 with CFI.

Offered at $225/hr plus gas.


We know there are two very opposed opinions on paying for ferries and we've heard them repeated many times.


However, if you need to build R44 time cheaply and are interested in flying somewhere other than your local area, this might be for you.


908 400 4251


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For a ferry flight I'm not willing to pay more than $100/hr wet. Due to the fact that unlike renting its a flight that would be happening regardless of me flying it or not, plus the CFI going with me would be in charge telling me where to go, how high to fly etc...

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