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Guys quick question,


First, sorry for such a long post but I am too close to risk it.


My packet is in for the July board and just today I sprained my right ankle. nothing too serious, little bit swollen and some pain. I'm not too worried about it since I know it will get better fairly quick. Problem is that in my unit we conduct ruck marches every week (I'm ok with that since I coordinate must of them anyways) and I don't think its a good idea to put in 55+lbs on a recently sprained ankle (tomorrow is the next one). I talked to the leadership to skip the next 2 rucks and got the ultra-super classic response: "make an appointment, get a profile and only then you will be exempt". I'm not a kid, I am an nco with 7 years in and I've only had 1 profile, that was back in AIT, that time was my left ankle but that one was a 3rd degree sprain and I am aware (so is the army) that I have permanently damaged the tendons and ligaments on my left ankle and only surgery will "fix" it. I did not wanted surgery, I thought I was too young to get surgery when it happened (I was 19). NOW I am afraid that if I go to get the ankle checked out they pull some crazy stuff, give me a long profile or even worse recommend surgery AGAIN, that would put me out of race for WOFT! OR I can just suck it up and further damage the ankle. I feel that both scenarios can be dangerous to my aspirations but... which one would be the "least worst"?

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