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Air Interdiction Pilot work schedule


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Hello all! Since this is my first post, I just have to say thank you everyone for all the helpful posts and contributions you make on a regular basis. My husband (the pilot) and I (the wife) have lurked on vertical reference for years and gleaned so much valuable information. The hubby is doing a lot of work out of town these days and we both are thankful for the job opportunities he has had, but since I am daydreaming right now about him having a job where I can see him more often, I have a question for you…


I have regularly been seeing job postings for the Air Interdiction Pilot. What I am wondering is:


1. The usajobs.gov website says “you will be required to travel frequently”. From anyone who has worked in this area, is this statement pretty accurate? I wonder if he was to get this job, would be gone from home for days/weeks on end, on a regular basis?


2. Is this a 24/7 job with rotating shifts to cover all hours, days, nights, and holidays? I saw conflicting info in the forums and different websites on this. Or is it possible that this is mostly a Monday-Friday job with regular 8 am to 5 pm hours?


I know that when a person is a low-time helicopter pilot, sacrifices are necessary from both the pilot and the significant other; we knew that going into this pursuit. It is likely wishful thinking from me at this point, but I’m just looking forward to the time when I can see my husband every day again. :)


Thanks again to all of you!

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