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WOFT Essay and LoRs

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"which with proper training, in turn would most likely make me a great leader and pilot."


Only note I have would be change the most likely to something more confident like "I believe would make me a great leader". Felt a little weird after such a strong paragraph kinda switching to maybe at the end.


Overall I feel the essay flows quite well thats the only real minor note I could find. Covers the basis of why you want to join quite well. You are seeking new challenges that will push your current set of skills and want to find a spot that provides you with experiences you have yet to have.


The general recommendation on LORs is often try to cold call nearby CABs either national guard or active bases and try to meet up with a senior warrant. However also know that just having quick meet and greet LORs may not be as beneficial as folks who have known and worked with you for quote sometime. I went for a healthy mix in mine and quality is more important than quantity.

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