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I've seen a few posts with info on interservice transfers and going from CO to WO in the Army, however not a lot about doing a CO to WO transition as an interservice transfer, so I wanted to create a thread for this niche.


I'm trying to make the jump from USMC commissioned officer (ground, no wings) to Army aviation WO. I've dug through the Army's recruiting website, talked to a WO recruiter, and talked to a few members of this forum. Just wondering if there are any lurkers who have successfully undertaken this feat who have good AARs.


Also if anyone knows what the selection rate is for this kind of thing, I'd love to know. I was looking at the MILPER for this past January's board, but that doesn't give a sense of application to selection rates.

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They are evaluating your potential to become an Army Aviator. The essay is an opportunity to talk to the board about anything not necessarily said in your packet. Take a good DA photo. They look at the DA photo first thing. Utilize quantitative credentials. Also, good LoRs really help. Your CO CDR and BN CDR LoRs matter more than the aviator LoR. However, it would be ideal to get solid LoRs across the board. Get a solid PT score and solid SIFT score. Since youre an Officer, theyre going to expect more of you when they evaluate your packet than say an E-4 in the Army.

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