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Chppers with Autopilot?

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You might try checking forums specifically for the sim you play versus a real world helicopter forum. But yes there is a long list of helicopters that can be fitted with autopilot. If any of then are available in your simulator and if they model the autopilot is a completely seperate question that we can't answer.

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Hi. Are there any helicopters with an autopilot for Flightsim?


Any platform..payware or freeware...


I don't know how real chopper pilots hand-fly for hours, but it's more than I can do...even in a sim!



I can't fly a helicopter sim either. I've done different company 'cockpit procedures training devices' or whatever the legalistic term is for non-loggable simulators. I've done a couple 'full motion' simulators, too., and I can't land or lift in them, and can only approximate a hover in them, so don't feel bad. I have more than a hundred thousand helicopter landings in my log and the worst of them was better than the best I ever did in a sim.


I can fly a sim like an airplane, but that's entirely different than a helicopter. I fly real helicopters like I walk- I see what's happening and I change it to what I want. Sometimes the dials and gauges affect how that's done but mostly it's visual and proprioceptive, I feel those changes just like walking, except I react with the controls.

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