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Essay feedback request.

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So, I've ran this essay by my wife, but she's not a pilot or a warrant officer and has about as much of an idea as I do on what'll be a good fit for the essay.


I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide!


I want to be an Army Aviator first and foremost because aviation is a passion of mine. Along with that I am an excellent candidate for the WOFT program and will be an excellent fit in the Army. During my time enlisted I had a consistent record of performing duties beyond my paygrade not just in the Air Force, but also in joint environments. For example, as a new Senior Airman (E-4) I was assigned the job of FOB Mayor at FOB Rushmore in eastern Afghanistan in 2008 as part of TF: Phoenix. Not only did I complete my day to day job but, I routinely volunteered as a driver ultimately performing over 100 convoys in some of the most dangerous roads in Paktika province. Additionally, I was selected as the Brigade Commander’s driver during a 30 day mission to combat the Taliban’s efforts to disrupt the 2008 election.

The next example is weeks after putting on Staff Sergeant (E-5), I was handpicked by my squadron commander to be his squadron representative in the Wing Emergency Operations Center at Osan AB, ROK. This job that requires subject matter experts to be able to explain the capabilities to outside agencies and coordinate internal squadron activities to ensure mission completion. Historically, this role was filled by Technical Sergeants or Master Sergeants ( E-6 and E-7). During this time, I was responsible for coordinating squadron response to simulated attacks and natural disasters with other base agencies like Security Forces, Civil Engineering and Medical to keep the base support functions running so the air missions can continue.

Additionally, I have worked towards my civilian flying since I separated from the Air Force in 2013. Due to weather, financial, multiple deaths in my family, wife’s health, and job status, I have had multiple forced breaks in my civilian flight training. During this time I have continued to keep myself focused by reading the history of aviation, chair flying, reviewing the ACS, studying aviation weather to minimize the amount of time I’ll need to get back up to speed when I get back in the left seat.


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I didn't see the resume requirement on the list of required documents on the Warrant Officer recruiting website for the street to seat program and the recruiter didn't mention it.



I'll readjust and get the resume done as well.

If the resume isnt a requirement, dont do it. Im not sure how the civilian process works.

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There is a checklist on the USAREC website pertaining to WOFT. It states the documents that you need. I dont see anything in regards to a resume on there.


General guidance pertaining to your essay. Id stick to providing examples as to why you KNOW youll be a great Aviation Warrant Officer. Majority of the board members who evaluate your packet at HRC are not Aviators. They are Warrant Officers of other specialties. Your essay is a chance to converse to the board other facets of yourself that may not be depicted in your packet. They only look at your packet for a couple minutes, so it is vital to get your point across quick. Be precise, concise, and to the point. Really drive it home.


Id recommend changing your first sentence to something that isnt as cliché.

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