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How to schedule Interview

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I am currently stationed at Fort Jackson and am wondering how to schedule an interview. Is this just a simple matter of finding the nearest CAB and getting a human being on the phone? I would search global, but for example, the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade out of Hunter Army Airfield does not list personnel other than the colonel, and I'm not sure e-mailing the colonel as my first option is a wise choice.

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I went on facebook and looked at my Aviation brigade. I found the CW5 name looked him up on global and sent him an email. I asked if he had any pilots that were intersted in recruiting new pilots, and offered him my NCOERs and letters of recommendation I had to forward. He offered to meet with me shortly after. He told me boards look for letters from CW4 and 5s if your active duty since you have access to global.  Good luck.

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It depends on the area. I tried emails and phones and it was difficult/inconsistent, so I just walked into the nearest CAB. When I couldn't find anyone, despite non-flyers helping and trying to locate a warrant in the building, I drove around the AAF and found helicopters. Went to the adjacent building next to said helicopters and ambushed the first warrant I saw. He wasn't a SWO, but looked at my stuff and hooked me up with a SWO and interview.

I know others used social media, like LinkedIn to get in contact. I think you just try to do whatever you can. Going to the AAF was cool since they invited me to the pilot lounge. I talked to seasoned flyers and early WO1s just fresh out of flight school, and you learn a little bit about what to expect. You can ask questions or just BS. Every warrant has done this and is probably the most awkward part of the application process.

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