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How easily are vision issues waivered?

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Hi all, this is my first time posting on this particular forum. I've spent a lot of time on r/ArmyAviation but I decided to come here this time. I know a fair bit about the whole WOFT application process but I have some questions I cant find an answer to. I have bad vision. Like real bad. I plan on getting PRK once my prescription stabilizes and I'm eligible. That is the easy part to fix however. I have a small misalignment in my vision that causes me to have a small amount of double vision. It's not normally noticeable but its definitely there. It's been there for a few years but I only recently brought it up to my eye doctor and he is telling me that it could throw a massive wrench into my dream to be a pilot. I'm going back in a few months to do some more tests to see if the misalignment is getting any worse, if it is I'll need surgery to prevent it from continuing to degrade. But there isn't really anything that can be done to make the double vision go away at this point. I'm guessing any realistic shot for a street to seat slot, which is what I originally was shooting for, is kinda out the window which I'm fine with I've heavily considered enlisting anyways. All of this leading up to my main question. Can I get a waiver for something like this or are my dreams of flying completely gone? My plan at this point would be to enlist into an aviation MOS and gain experience (and make the army pay for my LASIK) then drop a packet at later on but if this vision issue smashes any chance of being a pilot at all I am going to need to reconsider those plans. I apologize that this was rambling and poorly put together, I'm not an author for a reason ;)

I appreciate any input you guys can give me.

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Hard to say without knowing what the actual diagnoses is.

What is the actual medical term diagnoses of your eye misalignment and how many prism diopeters (the unit they use to measure these things) is the misalignment?

It sounds like what you're describing is some sort of strabismus such as esotropia (phoria) or exophoria (tropia), hyperphoria...there's a few of them.  Look through your doctor's notes or ask for them and see what the actual medical diagnosis is (misalignment of eyes is not the medical term). 

Side note, there are pre-surgery PRK vision requirements for MEPS and a flight physical. Even if post-surgery your vision is perfect, you could be outside of the required pre-surgery refractive error limits, which could disqualify you or require a waiver. I mention this because you said your vision is pretty bad. 

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