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Hello guys and gals, I'm currently an 11B in the Army, get out in august '22. I've been looking a university that offers a good helo program that's worth it (good area preferably not up north bc i'm from the south and cant handle all that cold lol, good training etc) such as SUU but they recently got their va approval revoked. So I have a little bit of time given I have a year left till I have to decide, but does anybody know of any? I have a few that I've been looking at but ehhh. I need it to be a university so the GI bill will cover it and so I can finish my bachelors. I'm aware of UND, Utah state???, austin peay, treasure valley, Embry, 2 that're in oregon.  I'm willing to relocate as long as it's worth it. If anybody knows some that are midwest, south, some west (Utah, arizona) that'd be great. Thanks guys!

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