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Better helmet visor


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Recently I've been finding that while flying above clouds I've been getting a headache after the flight. I am thinking it's due to there being a lot more reflected light coming from the tops of the clouds. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that sells helmet visors that will block out more light or do a better job reflecting light away. Currently, I'm using the standard gray visor that came with my Evo helmet. Would a mirrored visor block or reflect more light away from my eyes?

Any info or personal experience would be helpful and appreciated.

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I fly with the EVO.  Overall fit and comfort is great.  What I don't like is the Bose noise cancelling system.  All too often a fresh set of Duracell's still enable the volume/tones to bloom.  I have used both the chrome colored and standard dark gray lens.  Besides the coolness factor, the dark lens seems to hold its own in my opinion.  Dawn departures or dusk arrivals into the sun, I cannot say if the color chrome ones blocks the UV that much better.  I still slap a static cling window tint to help block the sun.  The lens, when fully deployed, does a good job going well below the eyes.  As Cod mentioned, lack of hydration (too much coffee/soda/caffeine) can cause headaches.  I would mention perhaps a gas leak or some other outside factor but then it should be more consistent.  Do you get the same symptoms like at a sandy beach? Do you experience other symptoms similar to snow blindness?  Maybe double up on some sunglasses under the EVO.  

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