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Dropping packet for next board - opinions needed

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How does my situation look, think I have a chance?  Also please take a look at my essay and let me know what you think?

•Age 28

•Prior Service USMC, 6 years, got out as E-4

•University of Houston dbl major in marketing and management. 2.7GPA

•SIFT, 41.  sh*t.  I know.    

•APFT, running next week, in good shape so expect excellent results 

•Physical stamped no waiver 

•LOR, Congressman, CW4 aviator,  CW3 Aviator, Company Commander (major), Former Ops Chief (Master Sergeant)

any input at all is appreciated.  


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On 4/28/2022 at 10:11 AM, AriX17 said:

There been guys whom get selected with the SIFT score 40. Try to get one more LOR from an a.d. army aviator w4-5 or o4-6. And  maximize GT score. Good luck.

Hi Arix

Thank you for the response.  I’ve seen on multiple forums here that it’s suggested to only include your 3 best LOR’s in your packet.  

That way whichever ones your reviewer takes the time to skim, it is one of the very best.  

My 6th and final LOR was from my former platoon sergeant (SSGT) and I would say it is my weakest.  Still very good, but not as strong as the others.

1. Congressman

2. CW4 Aviator 

3. CW3 Aviator 

4. Former CO (Major)

5. Former Ops Chief (Master Sergeant)

[6. Former Plt Sgt (Staff Sergeant)]

I figured I’d pull #6 from the selection.  Do you have any input?

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