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Interested in Applying for Army Street to Seat WOFT Program

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I apologize if this has been asked previously, but I was I unable to find any discussions related. 

To give a background, I am a 25 year old male, have an associates degree, and multiple civilian pilots licenses up to commercial multi engine airplane. I have been working a full time job to pay for my CFI license (flight instructor), but am terrified of getting stuck in a cycle of working jobs to continue saving. My local recruiter reached out to me recently to discuss routes I may be able to take with the Army. I have been doing a lot of research on the street to seat WOFT program the Army offers, and I am extremely interested.

I understand the physical and mental demand the program will face me with, but am very curious to find out how my current skills and knowledge in aviation will translate. I know absolutely nothing about helicopters currently. I am also eager to take any advice you all would have to offer. 

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Taking a look at your options is a great first step. First ask yourself these questions. 

Do I want to be a Soldier? Because that will and does come first.

Next do I want to be an Army Aviator? What is that? and what does that involve? What types of aircraft, missions etc.

There are always dues to pay, staying on your current civilian path or choosing the Army.

The current service obligation for flight school is 10yrs.

Your current skills will help you although not required, the Army will teach you what you need to know about helicopters. At least how the Army uses helicopters!

Just some thoughts, Best of Luck.



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With your flying experience you'll likely do very well in flight school.  The hard part will be adopting the Army mentality.

You're almost to where you are done paying for ratings.  You're almost to a point where you can get yourself a good job.  You'll most likely be sitting in whatever seat you want before you'll be even halfway through your Army commitment.

It's going to take you at least 2 years to work your way through the Army training pipeline, maybe more depending on how long your packet takes.  Then 10 more years to complete your commitment.  So from right now you will be at least 12 years down the line before you'll be free again to take your life and career where you want to go.  37 years old.

Consider also that signing up for the Army is signing your life away.  Full stop.  You are committing to sacrifice your life in service to your country.  That should scare you a little bit.

OK.  Shifting gears.  

A couple weeks from now will be the 15th anniversary of when I left home for the Army.  

I was 20 years old and had been working on my PPL for a few years, while working the flight line at FBOs.  Couldn't afford community college, couldn't afford flying, and wasn't doing well at either.  The recession was in full swing.  All I wanted to do was fly.  WOFT was my answer.

I've had a great career so far.  I'm now flying airliners, which is where I wanted to be when I started flying almost 20 years ago.

I enjoyed the Army, grew so much as a person, was afforded opportunities I didn't have, I made memories, friendships, saw the world, etc.  I have a ton of pride in my service.  I am a much better pilot because of my experience than I think I would have been without it.  There are days I miss the Army.

To wrap this up.  WOFT is a huge commitment.  To be successful you're going to have to embrace it and forget about civilian life for a decade.  Like, don't even think about it.  The airlines, living at home, whatever.  They should not be on your radar at all.  You will be an Army Aviator and only an Army Aviator.

If you think you can do that and enjoy it, then go for it.

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