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What should I do?

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Need your wisdom on this one folks, here's my problem:


About a month ago I passed the CFI checkride and had to stop training to lick some serious financial wounds. I was about 30 hours into the instrument at that point. I now have the funds to finish off the instrument and the 'double I' but am unsure as the way to go about it.


I was not hired on at my school, as they wanted a CFII, and they will not be hiring again until the new year at the earliest. Bummer, but no big deal the wife wants to move to AZ anyway( we are in oregon by the way). Ok Im rambling, I'll cut to the chase.... Do I :


A) Finish up training at my school, then move to AZ to find CFI work (guidance and quantum are not hiring externals at this point)


B) Continue my training at a school in AZ and then hope to get hired as a CFII 'quasi-external' at that school.


C) Well there really isnt a C...


So what do you think? It is a pretty crappy situation as I would like to be working as an instructor before I start paying back flight school loans. I have also fired out some resumes but as an external applicant I feel about as wanted as an anal fissure!


Thanks in advance

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Personally I would finish training in AZ if you're moving in the near future; I say this because I've found that most flight schools want to hire someone who trained with them, and someone who has a familiarity with the way things work at that school.  If its not in the near future, however, I'd say finish up training now; its always harder once you stop for awhile.  My 2 cents.


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I would finish at the school where you are (hillsboro?) and while you are working on finishing send out your resume. Indicate in your cover letter that your goals are to professionally train students, yadda yadda, and mention your short term goals (instrument, CFII) and your long term goals. You may find a job at a school as a CFI, and be able to complete your training there. If you are lucky the school may even pay for you to get those ratings.


I am in a similar boat, I can't afford instrument or CFII. But what do I know? ::confused::

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ROFL… I am sorry, I am well aware that this post is irreverent but I simply couldn’t stop laughing hysterically every time I saw your Avatar.


Thanks for the good laugh, I need it today.

Every board needs a little thread jacking now and then.


I changed to that avatar for exactly that reason, it makes me laugh.

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If you're willing to move anywhere, getting a CFI job isn't that hard...


If you're not, it can be quite tough...


I sent out resumes to every helicopter flight school in the country, I got over a dozen replies, most of which were, "we don't hire outside CFIs", but I did get a half dozen phone calls, 3 interviews, and 1 job out of it.


So it DOES work, if you are willing to go after it...  But if your wife isn't willing to move, then you're in the wrong business anyway.  :D

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