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Night dispatch

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Our base radios are on from about 0800-2000, then we have a dedicated emergency line or the crew cell phones for night time or direct dispatch from local EMS anytime.


The base radios are on a busy frequency so we hear everyone else getting toned out, giving position reports, BS'n, whatever, so if it's time for a "safety nap" we just tell dispatch to call us on the phone. Phones are in every bedroom with special ringer, so the non-E line can be turned down or off.


Works well......

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My last EMS job we had the NEXTEL radio/phone. It gives off a distinct dispatch "ring". It can also work as a walkie talkie from anywhere within the system to anywhere else within the system (and this could be in a completely different state i.e. Arizona talking to Texas on a radio). We could sleep very sound and still be woke up by the ring. We tended to develop a hate for that ring though especially at 2:30 in the morning.


I prefer the NEXTEL system to the normal radio because you didn't have to listen to everyone else's conversation. It was selectable for which group or groups you wanted to talk to.

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Yeah, the problem with NEXTEL's is that they don't work very well in the rural areas. Just like Sprint's network (which I think they're on now), it's good on the interstate and that's about it. Our competition complains how their NEXTEL's never work in flight or on scene.


Our whole company uses Cingular, and it's coverage is actually pretty good. About the only place we lose coverage is in the Ozark "Mountains" (500-700 ft elevation changes).

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