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vortex helicopters MS

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They have relocated to New Iberia, LA. The website just doesn't say it so clearly yet. If you read the news links on the right side of the homepage you will see. I can only speak second hand info. I have flown with 2 CFI's that had taken a course with Vortex. One took the PPL and the other CFI. Both, said Vortex was a good school. Both had a few things they didn't like about the school, nothing major just minor little things. I would suspect that most people find little things at the school they train at, that they would like to change.




If you can go visit the schools you are interested in, it wouldt really help your decision making, thats for sure. I visited about 6 schools before I decided. And yes, I visited Vortex too. My job situation ultimatly decided which school I went to, since I am married and have kids in Jr and High school.




Good Luck!

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