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First Demo Flight

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Well guys I was just fortunate enough to go on my first demo flight. I had to drive about 3 hours to northeast helicopters in CT. However it was worth it as this is a school I am considering for my training. The school has a very clean professional look, however its staff were fun and easy going. Everyone seemed to be friends and enjoy being there. My instructor (Mike if you are reading this :), gave me a quick crash course about the control and we were off. Within two minutes of being airborne I would say, mike let me minipulate the cyclic, we flew around, bla bla bla, I am sure you guys already know all about this part, then mike showed me an auto and allowed me to attempt a few hovers. I don't think I could hover, but I heard this can take many hours to learn. I do think I did ok keeping it strait in a taxi hover down the side of the runway. When we were in the air he also said I was pretty good at pitching and turning the ship left or right and kept it pretty steady. I think I was probably the best at this, going in a strait line seemed to be hit or miss before the aircraft became to level and made funny sounds and vibrations (or funny to a noob anyway). Anyway I can see flying is much harder than driving a car or motorcycle but probably very rewarding.

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