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Mauna Loa Helicopters

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Hey Everyone!


So I had posted about my buddy going from Group 3 to Mauna Loa, and finishing his PPL...which he did, and he passed his check ride! He spent quite a bit more than he anticipated, but he got it! Just thought I'd pass on the good news! He's piss broke as he put it! :)



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Congatulations to him! I missed that post, why did he switch? How did he like it?

I'm on my way there myself (Big Island)..... B)

Been home to catch the Swedish summer so will have to thaw my hands again when I get there....



He actually didn't see much of the island til about 5 hours before his flight home(he went up with the owner, in the 44 for a tour of the island). He said he really like Mauna Loa! PLUS, he didn't have to fly 20+ min. to practice, I guess the practice area is right there on the field! He highly recommends these guys! The owner is also a FAA examniner too.


Goldy-ya I know, he went without even soloing yet, but he did about 7+hours, then he solo'd. He flew around twice a day, and really hit the books. He said he went from the airport, to the house he was staying at, and back...that's it! I guess he did some construction work for the guy, and he got to stay there for free! Pretty nice, huh!! On his solo cross country, he actually did both of them on the same day(one long, one short). I talked to him after his x-cntry, and he sounded POOPED.....been there, huh?? :) Any way, he took his checkride on Tuesday, and passed. He's actually going back to up state N.Y. to go back home and live. I don't think he'll go any further than a PPL.



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