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Group3 Aviation-KVNY

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Any thoughts, recommendations, experiences from group3??


I've heard nothing but good things with these guys. I was flying there too, but just renting or going up with a CFI to stay current. I switched, because I moved to the Southbay, and didn't want to commute. The only problem I had, was that passengers had to fly with the door on, even during the summer. It's get super hot during the summer at VNY. BUT......Peter/Claudia run a good company, and they do have RULES, but it's for the safety of the students, and pilots who rent there. You'll do your training in a 300, you'll have to fight to train in the 22. Not sure of the rates, I know they were higher, but it's a good school. Peter is also an FAA examiner too. They're also 141, so you might be able to get funding through Sallie Mae. Check'em out, go for an intro, see if you like it!



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Any thoughts, recommendations, experiences from group3??



If you want to fly the 300...its the place to go. For your written tests, its about the only place you can go in the valley..if you need a part 141 school, go there...if you want to fly the R22 for less $, its not the cheapest in town.


I love Van Nuys Airport, very friendly to helo's and a large population. Where else can you see 100 birds on the tarmac? Bell 412's, Aero's, R44's, Sikorsky S-61's....VNY has it all.

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