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Need 100 more hours ... where to go?


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Ok so I'm planning to have finished my 100-hours commercial on Hu30 in 2 maybe 3 months.


If I want a job in Quebec I need at least 250 hours.


I need a good 120 hours and I'm willing to relocate anywhere in North America to do it as quick as possible.


HeliClass in LA offers 100 hours B206 for 170$/hr which seems reasonnable.


My instructor told me I could also get them flying on Cessna 172 for 90$CND. But personally I would prefer avoiding raising my hours on fixed wings.


CHC also offer Mountain Flying Course in BC on Astar 350 (20 hours) but I'm not certain getting a jobs after that. It's also incredibly expensive.


I also thought about buying my own and flying it privatly, then it would be much much more expensive but on the long run it could be worth it.


Sooooo, the 55 000$USD question, where should I go?

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the 55 000$USD question, where should I go?



You should go to hell!!!!! ha ha, no just kidding, honestly,


If we all have any answers, they would probably be in the time building section, like one that comes to mind is www. boat pics . com, or something like that. if they offer cheap prices for time building, that sounds like what you need. I know it sucks to just bite the bullet and go rent an r22 for 100 hours block time, but also, i know of I guy that offers dual instruction in his 269, I think, for 200 per hour. might be a good option, but I don't know. also check on barnstormers.com sometimes they have hour building options as well. good luck with your training, i am jelous of yoiu, you are further than me, now on the downside of things....

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I seem to remember a topic where someone was offering to set people up for time building. Wait, let me check something...


I'm back. It's www.helicoptertimebuilding.com. Here's his reply to an inquiry:

here's my program in a nut-shell:


This is not training. If you need training, this is not for you.


If you need helicopter flight time (PIC time, that is), however, I can help you.

It will most likely be cheaper than anything you can come up with yourself.


I bring people together who want to get hours for whatever reason and those who

have the capacity to accomodate them.


I don't charge any party right now for any service. I am still expanding the

program and the reach of the site, but sooner or later I will have to find a

way to pay for the paysite and continous service. I will most likely arrive at

that point once I have drawn enough attention and made enough contacts to pass

on flying jobs.


Then I will most likely introduce a one-time cover charge to pay for the

expenses. Part of the charge will be refundable if certain requirements are met

by the member. Job referral will be included.


So, if you want you can tell me your experience and loaction. Also tell me what

you normally pay for solo rental including fuel. Let me know what you are

looking for (make/model, intended hours, price, etc.).


I will then have a look and find the cheapest way for you to do it.


I also include my advise as helo pilot / CFII with 1,500 hrs PIC and give you a

hint of the best route. You make the call if you want to follow it.


I know how difficult it is to break into this industry. You will need all help

you can get.


Best regards,


Adolf Schmied

Helicopter pilot / CFII


I saw his site a while back, you might want to check it out. If you do go that route, then give us a review and critique.



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