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Georgia Aviation Technical College.

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I'm wondering if anyone has any comments on this college. It seems really good and I have a friend that goes there. I'm alittle confused about Federal loans... Will they pay for the training because it's a accredited college or not?






In my understanding and research. Federal loans will only pay for school, ground school, and college. Federal loans will not pay for any time in a helicopter or any flight training. So the only way around this is to be rich. or Take out a federal loan for cost of tuition, plus cost of living, and use that money to pay for flight training, but you will still have to pay for the tuition and cost of living out of your own pocket. so its kindof a wash. If you can take out a 10 thousand dollar loan every semester for attending community college, then you can pay for some flight training on the side, but federal loans are not given to pilots or given to people for flying the helicopter or airplane. the rentals are up to you out of your own pocket or personal loan,, good luck

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