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What are those for?


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Hey what are those cargo net looking things laying on the helideck of a lot of those rigs? Is it a safety thing or a tie down device of some sort? Just curious because i just saw a video of an enstrom getting launched off of a boat losing the TR and come spinning back down to the deck. It looked as though that net grabbed the skid and saved his life.





ps- i know its on a boat in the video but i've seen the net on oil rigs before.

pps- i need some of that luck the guy on the left has. he came within inches of his life that day.

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Not sure what it's used for. I've never seen one of those before. I wonder why the helicopter leaped forward like that, which required the judicious use of aft cyclic, and caused the tail rotor to hit the deck. Good job saving the helicopter though...


The guy out on the deck is really, really, REALLY lucky to have avoided the tail twice.



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The nets are for friction between the deck and the skids. Without them, the skidded helos will slip and spin when in rough seas or during startup. The net saved this man's neck, plus those of the deck crew. Mind you, there are a few who have inadvertently hooked their heels in a net and rolled over on liftoff.


Don't know why he was carrying so much pitch while on the deck - notice that every time the bow of the ship pitched up, the pilot put in forward cyclic and the machine rocked forward a little. On the third one he took off.


It is almost impossible to stop following the horizon with cyclic. All your senses have been trained to counteract movement with cyclic, which is something you have to avoid doing when on deck, but when you feel the nose pitching up, your brain tells you that you MUST poke the stick forward. :blink:

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when the deckhand walked toward the tailrotor i thought "oh no" but then my horror turned into sheer terror/amazement. Seems like that operation could have been conducted in a safer manner, but knowing absolutely nothing about boat ops i wouldn't be the one to say. Good save though. It is basically my career dream to fly off the back of a vessel. I've landed on a barge once and it was so cool.

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