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Woft Resume


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Hey...im curious if anyone here has a specific format for a WOFT resume. My board is coming up soon and i need my packet to be MINT before i go. If you have a link please reply. I already have the format provided on the usarec site but its for a military resume and i have no prior service.




Josh Royse

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WOFT Resume


Ok I did some quick searching. Don't know if it's too late or this stuff is dated beyond usefulness. Hope it helps.


Website that has interseting some stuff under the 'aspiring aviator' section:



I googled "Warrant Officer Aviator Resume" and got this long one. Only avialable in

HTML anymore. Scroll down, it gives examples for prior service and civilian.



If you haven't been there yet, google "APTAP" ("Army Pilot To Airline Pilot"), go there and seach. There should be lots of info there. Recently there seems to be problems with registration and posting for new folks. Give it a try.


Google of "Warrant Officer Flight Training Resume"




Go to #14. Some help there.


Last One:


Lots of info on this page.


Let me know if you have more questions. It's been 12 years since I walked your path but I know the frustration of dealing with the ineptitude and lethargy of USAREC (U.S.Army Recruiting Command).


Good Luck and pay it forward when you get through it all.

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The resume depends on if you are civilian applying or if you are active duty military and applying for the program. It also depends on if you are going for the Battalion Board which is before the Warrant Officer Accession Board.

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