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color vision defficiencies


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Hi all, wannabe here


Like so many others here I have always dreamed of flying helicopters, and at 33

I'm finally going to do it. Last year I sold my house and moved in with my girlfriend.

So I essentually I have a hundred grand sitting in the bank waiting to sign up!!!


First question is do you think this is enough cash to get me through to cfii without working

and just focusing all my efforts on school? Although my girl does pretty well I am still

looking at paying my share of rent ect.


Secondly upon getting my medical I found out that I have red green color defficiencies

I have since gone and done a signal light test which I failed during the morning. Which I atribute

to the sun basically being in the same spot as the tower and never seeing the lights

before, not wearing my sunglasses bla bla bla. So since then I went to do the twilight test

and passed with flying colors (no pun intended).


So my night flying restrictions have been removed and I am so relieved because if i

had'nt passed the twilight test I would of had to give up the dream because I can't afford

to fly helicopters on a recreational level...... I've been waiting to sign up for school

because of this and what a way to be in limbo let me tell you.


So I'm prety sure I will be able to retake the daylight test to get the final restriction of

not being able to fly by signal light removed. However I am sick of waiting and ready

to get on with it. My second question is do I just say screw it and go or wait until the

FAA grants me approval to retake the test, which took me 6 weeks just to get the first

letter of approval? If I do just say screw it and go, then get the approval and fail during

daylight again, how would this really affect my career??? Knowing that signal lights are generally

used for radio failure only do I really need to be concerned? Or will this affect me

getting hired by someone???


So if ther are any of you out there flying with color vision defficiecies I would really

appreciate some feedback on the matter.


Anyone at all have any input?? Someone anything!!!!!!

Thanks Chuck

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