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Noth Slope, AK


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Anybody here ever worked up on the North Slope of Alaska? What's the weather like over the course of the summer? Looks like I'm going up there for the summer, need advice on what to bring with me as far as clothes and supplies.


I'm looking for a good jacket but since its almost summertime, none of the stores have much of a selection. I'll probably go to an REI outlet tomorrow to check out what they have. I don't need anything "brand name", but I also don't want crap, its gotta last and be functional.


Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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Think there was a thread on JH about this topic several weeks ago. I agree take a Bug net and MAX strength deep woods Cutter!! Enjoy your time up there you will love all of Alaska. I great place to be and one of the last great wilderness areas!! Take lots of pics. Pay the money and get a good digital camera and Two Large memory cards you you dont fill one up while your are in the back woods.


Good Luck and cant wait to see your pics in 6 months time

Fly Safe


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Thanks guys,


I'll be working up there with Era, either Deadhorse or Barrow. I'm not really sure of all the details, I just know it will be better than a summer in Louisiana :P


I will take lots of pictures too. I spent last summer in Juneau doing tours...what a beautiful place when it wasn't raining...heck even when it was raining it was still pretty cool! I'm looking forward to trying something different in Alaska.

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