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CFI to Build Time.


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Speculating must be a fun thing to do. It's called time building, I don't need instructing!


If the CFI isn't instructing, then he/she cannot log the time... :)

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Off the top of my head,


61.51(e)(3) but I may be wrong.


Couple that with the bit about the privilages of a CFI...damn, 61.193, and then the bit in 61.189 (must be (a)) about the pilot records.


If you are giving instruction, you must sign the logbook. So for any time you log PIC under 61.51(e)(3), there should be a corresponding logbook entry in a student's logbook.


If not giving instruction, then one of the two pilots (CFI or other) is simply a passenger when not functioning in any of the capacities as stated in 61.51(e)(1-2)




I was thinking about this today, and wondering in what circumstances can two CFI's (equally rated) go out and each log the entire flight as PIC. (Not including the Safety Pilot scenario for instrument training.)


Any suggestions?




P.S. Before Volition gets sensative, this is 'just a question' for interest. I know that you are not CFI yet, and wouldn't dream of pushing things so close to that thin line which divides acceptable or not.

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