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I posted awhile back about being deffered during my flight physical, because of taking medication. I was told to give it 6 months, I now see it should only be 3 months, and I could get reevaluated. The physician specifically told me this was a defferal not a denial. Well, after being clean for 2 months, I just got a letter from the FAA saying I've been denied. Does this mean that I cannot fly at all or do I just need to get another physical later? I know, I need to do my own research. I'm in the process of that, just thought I'd stop by here while I'm at work and don't have time to be on the computer forever. The letter said that I could submit for a reeval. Does that mean I have to go through all that or do I just need a follow up physical. Sorry, I'm just frustrated. But, if anyone has any input, let me know.

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OK, after dealing with Oklahoma myself for medical stuff I know that if you did your physical 2 months ago and just got a letter saying you were denied, the denial decision is probably from what was given to them 2 months ago. They take forever. The below page may be able to help.




You may also check this place out. I used them, although they really were not much help for me they may be for your situation. At least worth looking at.



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Who did you deal with the FAA in OK or the Regional Flight Surgeon? I was defer'd on my second class. I looked up my Reg Flight Surgeon and emailed him. He was MORE than helpfull about writting a letter and explaining what I needed to do to clear my med. He said don't worry about the OK office, just deal with him. It took about 3 months of just doing the tests and official red slow tape, but I recieved my ticket. My local AME was worthless.. I won't use him again. Wouldn't answer any questions or even return my call..




Good Luck

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