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That's a great video...


I think that's a video camera capture speed issue...The cool thing is that the M/R rpm (in this case) must have never changed caused that would have shown some spin...even if it was very slow.


I have a video of a helicopter that looks as if the tail rotor is spinning extremely slow...ofcourse it wasn't...but that's what my camera captured.

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it's a frame rate, camera lens capture effect like Z said. the blades are spinning just fine. i've made videos on my cell phone that makes the rotors look like they're bending back with the direction of rotation. I like that one guys guess "mabye it's falling to the ground about to crash and the camera man is falling at the same speed."


-thats my instructor's instructor flying that ec-155 in denmark for dancopter. i know, i'm cool.

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Here it is...I filmed this with my digital camera (not a video camera) hence the quality. Still cool on the rotor speed...



Here's a pic too...



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