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Busted for low pass


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After a nice long weekend where I successfully nailed five 180 autos-thanks for the applause-I return to work only to find that on Friday, while some were working overtime-not me, several saw, and others heard, a helicopter do a fly-by at a low altitude, about 40 feet.


The plant manager calls me into the office and starts in about being a showoff and being wreckless and that I couls have hurt someone by flying low and fast over the building. I was just standing there trying to figure out what he was talking about.


Then comes the information that makes sense. He tells me that on Firday morning at 8:00, a helicopter flew over and that several people said that it was me.


My turn.


I said to him that if a helicopter had flown over, that he should call the FAA and file a complaint. I then asked if he could tell me what color the aircraft was. He said he didn't know. I asked if he could give me the tail number. Again, he didn't know. I asked "Then how do you know it was me?" He said "Well, you fly helicopters!"


Yes, I do, as well as a hundred thousand around the world.


"It wasn't you?" he asked. I said no and told him that my flight was at 10:00, not 8:00. For a moment he seemed baffled.


I then told him that it could have been a bird from Silver State, Hillsboro, or even a local guy cropdusting. It seems that the few I talked with could even describe the helicopter as it flew over so fast that no one really saw it as heard it. Assumptions were made that I was the pilot.


So, that got straightened out and I had the usual crappy day building motor coaches.


Oh what fun.



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Have a little fun-

Hover over his house on your next night flight and rattle the china outa the kitchen cabinet.

Then deny, deny, deny-



Except do it in a Huey or a 412...you lose the effect using an R22

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Naw, it really wasn't me. I spoke with one of the supervisors and he said that it had pipes coming out the sides like a cropduster. I'm thinking it was from a local helo service.


Interesting though, some have been calling me Buzz.



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Just lately there has been plenty of helicopter action over my house, and I think my neighbours get annoyed but I just get excited!

The local police helicopter (BK117 C1) was hovering OGE over my house and area on Sunday for an hour "evidence gathering" according to their weblog. And just a day later, all three air ambulances from both counties (2 EC135s and a BO 105) landed on the highway in front of me as I was going to the supermarket as there had been a traffic collision involving 2 cars and a coach.


Seeing all that in 2 days was just amazing.


The accident victims were mostly OK I heard later on the news, 2 serious but no fatalities, which is always good to hear.

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