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I'm a new student looking for anyone with information and/or resources for the maximum allowed training and flight hours under Chapter 31 of the V.A. Rehab program (not the Montgomery Act or G.I. Bill). My rep states that she can only approve 150 hours. I've heard otherwise. I'm looking for advise in getting the approval for the most training allowed.

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Jocko was trying to get approved, don't know if he succeeded. He may know where to look.


Its been 13 years since I seperated from active, things have changed some. I have gotten tired of researching the Reg's..


Try here,

<a href="http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/TOCindex.htm" target="_blank">VA Manuals

</a>Book G


Thanks Mec. I'll try there. I've been given the approval to go for my Class II Medical. We're just negotiating flight hours.

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