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When you go to a school and complete a professional pilot prgram all the way to CFI or CFII, does the school usually hire you as an instructor, or do you have to find another place to instruct most of the time?


I know it depends on the school and how many people are employed there, but in general, do they usually hire you?

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There is no "in general" in this industry. They hire the best when they need them. If you're the best and someone just hit 1000, you might get lucky. Be prepared to move anywhere for a job though. CFI is only the beginning... :)

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Good answer... The training process is one long job interview, that is true at any school, big or small.


Work hard, study hard, show that you're serious about this, be a professional at all times during training (and of course remember to have fun!)


Fly Safe!

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