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College Help?!?


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I know that this question is going to have no change on this subject. But the the "industry" is constantly worried about safety, and should be. Although why is it that no university has stepped up to say, "Hey, we can professionally train pilots, safe pilots, and give them degree's too". With what I have been involved with older pilots is one thing, they know their SH!T. Not only do they know what they're talking about they all would still like to fly, and to teach others. To me it just seems like an untapped resource. All of these business students out there spending all of the federal loan money. When some of that should go to these students with a real drive to learn. I am not a financial adviser nor do I know everything about helicopters. I enjoy them and learning about them. I just wish the "student pilot" was not just "Debt Man Walking". With a possibility of a bad flight school giving no real education. And really the only degrees offered online give you credit for ratings that a student may already have. What new information was taught? Plus it wouldn't hurt to learn more about the history of aviation, and the future. Meaning, if the college were to say that there's not much more to flying then flight training.


My $0.02

Tell me what you think.



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There are some college's that offer helicopter flight training. Here are a few that I remember.


Embry Riddle, AZ

University of North Dakota

Portland Community College, OR

Wallace State College, AL

Louisiana Tech College, Teche Campus, adult learning

Middle Georgia College, formerly Georgia Aviation Tech

UVSC, UT or UVSC online



There is also the possiblity of taking a Part 141 course and take your rating's to a university of choice and get earned life credits for the training, which may count credits towards a BAAS or AAS etc.. But this route won't help the flight training funding problem. These are some that do accept flight ratings. I am sure there are probably many more I don't know of.


Angelina College, TX


Naugatuck Valley Community College, CT

Holyoke Community College, CT

UVSC, UT or UVSC online

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