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Robinson now has some major competition....


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"He said he learned the rudiments of flying a helicopter from the Internet and first got the idea of building one from the films he watches on television."


"I watched action movies a lot and I was fascinated by the way choppers fly. I decided it would be easier to build one than to build a car"


Abdullahi does admit that his first helicopter lacks "some basic facilities like devices for measuring atmospheric pressure, altitude, humidity and the like."



I give him about 3 months to live....

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Hey, even Igor had to start somewhere, someone from one of the established helicopter companies should offer that guy an apprenticeship.



Igor designed planes long before he created the modern helicopter. I guess its cool that he did it, and it'd be an interesting static display, but when its in the air for any moment of time, its a death trap.

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The last time I flew a helicopter that looked like that...... was at the county fair. I was 6 or 7 and it was mounted on a pole and went round and round. :lol:


Clark B)

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I wanted to build one like him, but my dad wont let me rip apart the leaf blower and would kill me if I even thought about welding anything to his golf cart.


Besides I dint think they make 2x10's in 24 foot increments.

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I think it's awesome that he thinks the government should stop all other orders and go with his designs. Especially with the impressive 7' AGL record to date, I could see that being useful to a government. They could run down people via the roadways without leaving tiremarks. There's a plus.


Other than some ridiculous comments I do think it's impressive that he built it and got it to fly...I'm not sure I could.



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